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Industry Insights

Powered by business research, amplified by expert interviews and quick feedback by the report on short video+vertical industry.

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Analytics & Management

Centered on TikTok, we provide an objective, comprehensive, and professional service for data tracking, analysis, and account management.

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Influencer Marketing

Connect transparent & fraud-free marketing to real business for brands by providing brands a pre-advise, on-going track, and after feedback.

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Discover Daily Hot Ranking For Global TikTok Creators


Run Your TikTok Account with Ease

If you are a Creators/MCN, you can

Hot video&music recourses search

Inspire your creativity and offer more resources, enable you to track hotspot and hit the hot spot in first way

Daily management on mutil-accounts, data tracking

Monitor data changes on self-account, offer analysis report, adjust content and execution strategy accordingly

Review the complete creator list by each category

Discover account status, find high traffic category and most potential creators

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If you are a Brands, you can

Find targeted creators in seconds

Search through all channel and find the best match creators, enable to view MCN belongs to, contacts

Tracking cooperated video data

Track the data changes in real-time for newly posted video, feedbacked in seconds to support the campaign strategy

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Easily Intelligent Campaign for Brand & Agencies


Intelligent Filter

Find creators by intelligent and accurate filter

Match creator by style and brand fit

Discover creator content inspiration

Be the first to use our platform

Become part of the ever growing short video marketing.

Do you have any question?

Feel free to contact us, or you can drop mail anytime.

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